10 Naughty Feliz Navi-dogs

The holiday season is a beautiful time of giving, sharing, and being surrounded by love. Santa will soon be traveling across the night skies to give gifts to every good pup and kitten across the world.

Were your fur-kids good this year? Here are a few who have definitely been naughty...


1. This stinky pooch who tried to make a friend


2. This guilty and hungry bulldog


3. This itchy little baby


4. Just making sure the Snowman didn't steal the gifts


5. This (yummy) gift-thief


6. This guilty tree redecorating pup


7. This sorry.....not sorry pooch!


8. This proud Santa killer


9. "If I don't get gifts, nobody gets gifts."


10. And finally, the major "no regrets" cookie thief!

(source: Dogshaming)

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