Woof + Wonder: Giving Bestie Vibes ONLY since 2019

Y’know the feeling you get when you’re at your best friend’s house for a pizza night, getting lost in reality TV, laughing ‘til you almost pee your pants (#noshame), and gossiping your hearts out? We agree, there’s no better feeling. This is exactly the kinda vibe Woof + Wonder was built on: dog products to make you feel instantly light-hearted and full of wonder with the joyfulness in our brand and products.

Anything but your average dog-mom brand

This ain’t your mama’s regular ol’ dog-mom brand. (Unless your mom is fun and sassy as hell, just like us!)

Woof + Wonder is high-energy, tongue-in-cheek, honest, and most importantly—FUN. We aim to represent all the delight and incredible experiences that owning a dog brings into your life, and celebrate that with every post and product.

No bad vibes here 🙅

Things that don’t exude bestie energy? BYE.
It's always community>>> competition
Mean girl attitudes are sooo last year

Meet the Maker Behind Woof + Wonder

Hey Besties, I’m Leda!

As an immigrant, I’ve truly found my American Dream with Woof + Wonder. I grew up with a passion for helping others, from making others get as close to literally laughing their asses off, to almost being a therapist after school (now THAT was a journey!)

In 2019, I was sooo over corporate life and itching to get creative again. I taught myself how to sew and tried my hand as a business owner. This just so happened to ALSO be around the time that I met the man of my dreams— my French Bulldog, Handsome.

Lifestyle inspired by my LOML, Handsome the Frenchie

Handsome and I were attached at the hip, so working from home was a must. I found that dog parents are the most supportive and vibrant community, and knew I wanted to help keep this spirit going. With the support and guidance of some incredible dog brands and business owners I truly admire, I pursued my new dream of creating my own dog-focused brand, and Woof + Wonder was born, aka my other baby (besides Handsome, of course!)

Today, Woof + Wonder creates the authentically unique, high-quality products that pet parents like you and I crave. If I wouldn’t buy it for myself or my best friends, there’s NO WAY I would ever sell it myself. All products are made to last (no, really!!!)—this is a guarantee I proudly stand behind.

Paying it forward to my other business besties

As a more established business owner, I’m incredibly passionate about encouraging and guiding other women to pursue their business dreams, too. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my biz mentors helping me pave the way, so paying it forward is something I absolutely LOVE to do.

Whether you’re a fellow or aspiring business owner, a pet parent, or both, I can’t wait to support you in any way I can!!

Ready to spoil the heck out of your best fur friend?